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Sunday October 8, 2017, was a beautiful fall day at Palo Alto's Foothills Park, up in the hills west of Highway 280. We friends and family came together at the Oak Grove picnic area for Don's memorial gathering that afternoon.

Members of the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley had offered to bring refreshments; many thanks to Mary, Marcene, Jennifer, Jackie, Alice, Karen, Nancy, Joyce, Carole, Ben. All these wonderful friends were at the site early to set things up. Marcene and Jennifer dressed up the picnic tables. Don's son Norman brought splendid red wine from Sineann Winery, near where they live in Bend OR. Carolyn supplied white and rose, thoughtfully transported to the picnic area by Randy & Lois. John brought a wireless PA system, a must with so many attendees, around 120. And Emiko, Don's former sister-in-law, made a video:

The background of this page shows Dirca occidentalis,
an endangered native California shrub, taken in early
spring 2013, on a trail at Foothills not far from where we
had our memorial gathering.


Thank you all, dear ones, for honoring his memory
and his work.

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